Registration and booking


  • Only members of the Order (Minimum 0°) in good standing can attend OTOK and be present at Thelemaville.
  • Children of the members that are dependent on the care of the parents (< 11y.o.) are welcome to be present on the conference.
  • Members register their attendance with OTOK coordinators
  • Upon registration the Coordinators will collect Conference fees of attendees and other needed information and will share the promo (discount) code for booking.
  • Deadline for registration is March 1st 2016 e.v. After that no change and cancelation will be possible. No show will result in debt of the member.



  • You can book only whole mobile home per one booking. It is done directly via Online Booking Service of Polari. With promo (discount) code we will realize 15% discount on regular price. The promo code and Thelemaville booking is valid until March 1st 2016.e.v.
  • One mobile home is suitable for the accommodation of maximum 4 adult people and 2 children.
  • If you have trouble finding your roommates please talk to your OTOK coordinators. We will do our best to find the suitable place for everyone.