Conference fee:

  • 60 Euro - is covering the cost of renting the venue tent, OTOK present package, and festive dinner at the restaurant planned last evening after the Gnostic Mass.
  • Will be collected by Coordinators, and serves as a reservation. Do to the organizational cost, after April 15th the conference fee will not be refundable or transferable. 


  • The general accommodation price on the dates of OTOK is around 70 EUR/night for whole Deluxe Mobile Home
  • Upon registration at your OTOK Coordinator you will receive Promo(discount) code of 15% to the general price. Discount is valid until March 1st 2016. e.v.
  • If the Mobile home is shared among 4 Brethren the overall price for 4 nights would be cca 60 EUR/person.

 Prices in Rovinj:

For your orientation here is the general list of the Prices in Rovinj.